Innovators in Rural Community Economic Development

Scale of Work

Our work ranges in scale from managing national initiatives to multi-state sectoral analyses to feasibility studies of specific business opportunities at a local level.  We have a proven ability to thoroughly examine complex issues, keeping the big picture in mind while not losing sight of the critical details.  Yellow Wood refers to the varying scales of work as follows. Click on the name of a scale to view a list of our work at that scale.

National refers to projects that take place throughout the United States.

State refers to projects that take place within a single state.

Multi-state refers to projects that take place within or among multiple states, but not at a national level.

Sub-state Region refers to projects that involve multiple towns, cities, counties or regions within a single state.

Local refers to projects that take place in a specific city, town, or county.


Client Feedback

I am writing to commend Yellow Wood Associates - and you personally - for your assistance with Vermont Environmental Consortium's recent strategic planning process. I was pleased that "You Get What You Measure®" was easily explained to participants, and that its very nature - interesting and fun - stimulated my board to think creatively and positively. I can only describe YGWYM as a technology that takes in a jumble of inchoate and often contradictory ideas about mission, vision, values, policies, priorities, goals, objectives, measures, etc., processes them, and turns them out as coherent, explicit planning prodcuts. In sum: terrific! I commend your work highly, and I will be happy to offer my recommendation to other organizations considering Yellow Wood for planning consultation and facilitation.

Daniel Hecht, VEC Executive Director